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    Anyone think Google's app sucks?

    Googles apps are complete crap on the iPhone. Which makes me not want to ever buy an Android device. Google voice was pretty much unusable for abut six months. Their gmail app is crap. Google search and google + are only halfway usuable. It amazes me that they continue to make make half-assed...
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    iPhone lockdown

    If you don't want people to buy music or apps, then why issue iPhones? Everything on your list can be done, with the exception of syncing to a personal computer. I don't see you you can stop that. An iPhone without apps and/music is near pointless. This assumes you're purchasing the phones...
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    Forced onto an AT&T tethering plan...

    I can understand people wanting to use gsm 3G vs wifi. Before I switch from dsl to cable, my home Internet speed maxed out at 1.5mbps. My 3G speed was close to 3.5mbps. The ping was better open dsl, but ping is not really a concern when yu just want to download something. Since since I switch...
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    Send longer video through MMS?

    It should stream to their iPhone from the dropbox website as if they clicked a YouTube link. I ran into one issue where the recording it took on am iPhone 4 wouldn't play from dropbox on a 3GS. I assume that the 3GS couldn't play 720p video, because the video played fine on other iPhone 4's.
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    iPad vs iPhone

    The iPad is easier for things like surfing the net and streaming video. I stream video on my iPad all the time. The bigger screen and bigger keyboard makes it easier to do browsing and text entry. I could never watch a lot of streaming video on the small iPhone screen. It would make my head...
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    Verizon iPhone 4, texting with WiFi

    No apps I can think of, but Verizon makes sells microcells too. They just don't advertise them. Try picking one of those up.
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    ZAGG Invisible Shield sucks

    Zagg is working just fine for me and I have an incase snap case. Can't use the back glass protector, because the case is too tight. No big deal though. Learn to put your own screen protectors on.
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    Mobile me and Find My Phone

    Find My iPhone is going to be rolled into icloud when mobile me goes bye bye. This shouldn't change the find my iPhone service one bit.
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    Those who got the 16GB

    I have a 120gb iPod classic that I keep all my songs and podcasts on, so getting the 16gb iPad wasn't a big deal. Music, movies, and intense games eat up memory fast. Regular apps, books, and picture don't take up a lot of space.
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    Apple to sell iPhones at 'list' price

    I don't see a point of buying the iPhone at the full price and still being forced to use AT&T. I also don't see the point of taking the iPhone to t-mobile, when t-mobile uses different 3g frequencies. Buy the iPhone with the AT&T subsidy and suck it up.
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    cheap iPhone Screen Protector?

    The Power Support brand sold at the Apple store is a great screen protector. They come in crystal, anit-glare, and mirror. the crystal and anti-glare are $15. The mirror is $20. You get to screen protectors per pack. As always, you get what you pay for.
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    External hard drive sync w/iTunes

    Make sure that your external hard drive is plugged in before you start up iTunes. Otherwise iTunes will default to your hard drive on your laptop, if it can't find the external hard drive. If that happens, go to organize library and consolidate. that will copy everything back to your external...
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    AT&T Offers New $100 Unlimited Voice/Data (Not SMS) Plan for iPhone

    Just another marketing gimick. Check AT&T's annual report. The average voice usage of the 80+ million customers is around 650 minutes. Verizon customer usage is similar. I'm sure the average usage of smart phone customers is much less than that.