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    unlocking iPhone 2g?

    Thank you so much. I got it unlocked.
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    unlocking iPhone 2g?

    Thanks for your reponse but at this point: This is where I have a problem with? do I have to activate my iPhone/sim card in ordered to view this and to continue? Thanks
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    unlocking iPhone 2g?

    hi everyone, my friend gave me his old iPhone 2g and I wanted to get it unlock. so far I downloaded below. I started winpwn 2.5 and started with the installation. Why is it asking for me to start iTunes and choose to activate my iPhone? (choose rate plan and pick data plan). What am I doing...
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    Who's not buying a 3G iPhone?

    No thanks, I'll keep my v1. I'm always around Wifi and don't care too much about 3G. Nothing big about the new 3g phone if you ask me.
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    How to easily jailbreak 1.1.3 with the FULL jailbreak (Windows/Mac)

    been out of the loop for sometime now but my phone is currently jailbreak to 1.1.2. can I use this method and just upgrade and JB to 1.1.3? or do I need to downgrade to 1.1.1 and use that method? thanks
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    Tutorial - Mac & PC 1.1.3 Jailbreak (1.5-2hrs)

    I'm currently running 1.12 and still debating on upgrading to 1.13 or not, for those who upgraded to 1.13 any regrets? or its worth upgrading too? thanks.
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    Black Agent 18 Case ! Amazing ! w/**pics**

    A great case! A++ all the way.
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    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    thanks RTWilliams.
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    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    I really like this icons, can you please send it to me? thanks
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    What's everyone using

    Thanks Mac, how does one gets his own logo or text in place of AT&T logo. Thanks.
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    What's everyone using

    Just jailbreak my iPhone to 1.1.2. So many apps to choose from, I really want to change the AT&T name next to the signal to my custome ones. how do you do that? p.s. Whats the most must have apps for your phone? thanks.
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    Adding second line with iPhone plan

    thanks all.
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    Adding second line with iPhone plan

    My lil brother wants a phone and I was thinking about adding a second line. Right now I have iPhone plan for myself and theres no way in hell I can afford another iPhone. So, can I just get him a regular phone and be charge 9.99 as a addon. Does that how it works.
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    How do I start to Mod

    Hi everyone, I bought my iPhone couple of days ago and updated to the latest firmware 1.1.2. Now i'm ready to make the leap and to install more stuff to my iPhone. My phone is currently lock with At&t, so what applications do I need to get started? I want to install different apps.
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    1.1.2 Who has it now!

    just installed mine.