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    3G Rumor Straight From the Apple Store

    If you have an iPhone, just take it out yourself. I tried to take a picture with my iPhone but you couldn't read the 3G writing because it's small.
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    3G Rumor Straight From the Apple Store

    I just took mine out, and it does indeed say 3g on the card.
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    Best screen protector

    I got the ones that Apple sold at their store. Not sure what the brand is, but they're awesome. They work by static cling, and stick amazingly well to the screen, but also let you peel them off easily enough to clean the screen if you need to. I pulled it off after a day in my pocket, and the...
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    doesn't seem to be selling out?

    I was in Woodcliff Lake, NJ. I don't know how many iPhones they had, or if they had enough to cover everyone in line, but there were at least 150-200 people there. I was 20th or so in line. It was the greatest experience ever. The Apple staff were SO friendly, getting everyone pumped for 6:00...
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    What is the Credit Check?

    There is no credit check involved in-store. Everything is done at home via iTunes, so your dad can do it all.
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    What happens if you don't pass the credit check?

    Well, you don't HAVE to go right to prepaid. You have to have fairly weak credit, or no credit at all, to not pass the check. If you do have poor credit, you can put down a deposit that they give back after paying your bills on time for a year. If that doesn't float your boat, you can go prepaid.
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    Looking for an At&t store selling the iPhone? Use this.

    Wow, I totally haven't seen this before. [/sarcasm]
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    The only thing we are lacking now.. details on the Bluetooth hands free

    Magnetic induction? It's possible, just not practical.
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    Verizon isn't going without a fight

    I'm all for laughing at Verizon, but that phone for $99.99 is a STEAL. If I wasn't getting the iPhone, I would definitely consider that phone.
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    ABC News iPhone Hysteria Video. Pretty Funny

    Two things are evident in that video. 1.) The first in line guy has no idea what the iPhone is. We all know he's just in it for the attention, but the least he could do is brush up on his iPhone stats and put on a show for all the Apple fan boys and the media. 2.) That woman is so stupid I...
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    The definitive iPhone activation and eligibility thread.

    This is what I'm wondering. I assume they're trying to get the account holder in there so they can have them extend their plan on the spot to increase sales for their store or something. In addition, this requirement would make NO sense since half the people buying the iPhone will not have AT&T...
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    Purchase Limit @ Apple Store?

    That makes no sense, since there will be customers without an account. What then? I'm betting they just want the account holder there so they can extend your contract on the spot. It would make no sense for there to be a REQUIRED account holder when a majority of the buyers will be people...
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    Purchase Limit @ Apple Store?

    I'm 99% sure buying the actual phone will have nothing to do with anything account related. Walk in, buy, walk out with no account checks, you just have to go home and activate it. You don't need to be the account holder. Hell, you don't even need to have an account (but obviously you'll need to...
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    NEW iPhone Keyboard Video

    What is it with all these people posting old news. A quick scan of the forums would reveal a plethora of previously posted threads with the same information. (Alliteration ftw)
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    Purchase Limit @ Apple Store?

    No, the one per person limit applies to both stores.