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    So glad I returned when I did People on this forum thought I was crazy to return my iPhone 13 days after purchasing. I now am glad I did. Sure, I wasted about $100 for the restocking and activation fee, but I knew I'd be saving myself a lot of trouble down the road. Why? Because this phone is...
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    Will iPhone charged if completely powered off?

    I'm wondering if this is just me... Does iPhone need to be on when you charge it? For example, I can power the phone down (completely off, not in sleep) and put it on the dock charger and it automatically turns itself back on. Why does it do that? In the "manual" it says the phone should be off...
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    Should I take my iPhone back?

    OK, so here's the deal. My cell plan with T-Mobile was up a week ago so I RAN over to ATT and picked up the iPhone. I was really excited for it, and have been really impressed thus far but there are a few things about my particular phone that I am worried about. 1. Speaker volume -- I know...