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    iOS 7.0.6 available

    I updated mine and lost almost everything. I thought I had backed it up. Lost all txt messages. Trying to put my apps back on. Luckily my contacts were fine and my calendar and my reminders. Just really upset I lost my emails. I even had to reset all my emails. i have an iPad 2 and i am...
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    Funny Siri Screenshots

    I asked her "What is the best Phone" She replied ""are you serious" I asked her again "What is the best Phone" She replied "You mean there are other phones"
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    The "I Just Got My iPhone 4S" Thread

    I just got my husband's and mine about 10 minutes ago
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    My Phone Is Tracking!!

    I just posted and the doorbell rung. It was FEDEX. I have our Phones!
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    My Phone Is Tracking!!

    My husband's and my iPhone 4s was on the Fedex delivery truck as of 8:20am EST. and delivered by 7:00pm. As of 10:34am it had a Delivery exception in the activity and in details it says Future delivery requested with the delivered by 6:30. The In transit bar is in red.
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    Enter to win the Kinetic iPhone 4 Case, Billet Aluminum iPhone Case System

    I Love the looks of the cases! I am a pink girl so if I am the lucky one I would love the pink one!
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    Verizon iPhone Shipping Thread

    I got mine yesterday around 2:30 p.m est.
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    Win the Verizon iPhone from everythingiCafe

    I want a Verizon iPhone because I have an env3 now and ready to join the world with the latest technology. It is also coming out close to my Birthday and would make for a great Birthday!