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    iPad to TV via AppleTV

    Has anyone but me had problems mirroring using an iPad3 and a jailbroke ATV2? All that I can get is audio, no video whatsoever. I assume that I must be doing something wrong, but darned if I can figure out what.
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    The I just got my iPad Thread

    Oddly, mine arrived about ten minutes after my whine. Up and running now. I bought a hardbacked case for an iPad 2 No luck, it does not fit. I guess that I'll go caseless for a while.
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    The I just got my iPad Thread

    Hmmmm....1:10pm here, and still waiting. Gotta love FedEx. NOT.
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    Interesting to See if iPad 2 Cases fit the iPad 3/New iPad

    I'm anxiously awaiting my new iPad, but am leaving the country for 10 days next Friday. I bought a cheapo case off eBay for an iPad2, hoping that it will "kinda" work until I can get back, and find one that was made for the new iPad. Actually, for $13 postage paid, the cheap one is really not...
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    Which new iPad are you buying or not buying?

    I've loved my iPad1 from the day that I received it. It'll never replace my desktop, but without question, I use it 20 times a day! I passed on the iPad2, but jumped on the new iPad. I still have (and use) my iPhone 3GS, but for me, it is not much more than a phone. My "New iPad" is: 64gb...
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    The official new iPad pre-order thread

    I ordered a cheapo iPad2 case ($13pp) from eBay this morning. Hopefully, it will work olay. I figure that even if it only "kinda" works, it will be better than nothing until the case builders get up to speed. Then, I can buy one that I really like and "gift" the cheap one to a friend with an...
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    The official new iPad pre-order thread

    Finally! After seven hours of hitting the iPad button. New iPad 64 gb Wifi Att lte Black
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    Official Apple iPad case - How does it hold up?

    I've had my case since two weeks after launch. It does show fingerprints, but it has held up well, for me. I especially appreciate that it affords a good grip over the otherwise "slippery" iPad.
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    Data plan

    I've only used my 3G twice, and both times it was available just minutes after I entered the data and credit card info. Depending upon how often you actually use 3G, you might consider that. I saw no sense in paying $15 per month for a service that I didn't use.
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    2 questions

    Superb! Thank you!
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    2 questions

    I upgraded yesterday, and see now that the screen rotation lock switch is now a mute. Since I almost always use my iPad in landscape I always had the rotate function locked. Do you know how I can lock it now?
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    iTunes error after update?

    I updated my iPad yesterday. What should have been an hour (or 2) turned into a nine hour ordeal! First, iTunes crashed, then my iPad crashed, then iTunes again....on and on and on. I had to hard stop the iPad, and then restore it. After a hair-pulling nine hours, the iPad is running again, but...
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    latch to hold Apple iPad case closed

    I agree. A good idea, but $10?
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    Latest iTunes update

    WTH? What is going on? I downloaded the "latest" update to iTunes, and what a total screwup! I've spent dozens of hours insuring that my album covers match my songs...well, kiss that off...after 8 "syncs" the album covers are still screwed up...if the songs appear at all! (It may take 2 or 3...
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    What Kind of iPad Case Are You Getting?

    Your choice, of course. I have to ask much does your icase case add to the thickness, height, width and depth of your iPad? Their website is not very specific. Granted, the Apple case offers little padding, but I doubt that it adds an over 1/8" to any of the above. When I travel...