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    Just installed iTunes 7.3.2 - now I can't sync with my Yahoo address book

    I lost all of my recurring appointments as well with outlook sync. The real issue is it now totally screwed up my work calendar! I am so friggin pissed!
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    I loved my Blackjack, but the iPhone is so much better...

    I couldn't agree more with you on the Blackjack and the 8125/8525. granted at this early stage there is more expandability and functions (if you are a businesss user) than the iPhone HOWEVER none of these devices were even close to the technology of the iPhone on their 1st release! This is the...
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    Anyone a blackberry and iPhone Windows user?

    I too have a blackberry connected to our BES server. I don't have any problems with either one. if you are using a desktop redirector with your blackberry that may be the issue.
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    Anyone a blackberry and iPhone Windows user?

    I have been able to sync calendar and contacts but not wirelessly on iPhone. I sync but plugging iPhone into dock connected to work pc
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    Activation problem please help

    since you are a new customer you need a credit check number from the att folks. I ran into this myself. unfortunately you need to contact an att store to have them do a credit check and they will give you a reference number to enter. the other option is to use a credit card and activate as...
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    post on your iPhone the location you are at right now

    in mountain top, pa on home wifi
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    Another Battery issue!

    I have found that if I charge it overnight with the phone off, it never shows that it had a full charge. However, if I leave it on during charging, the phone does get to the glow state and the counters show that it has reached full charge. Weird stuff. I am thinking that this is a software bug...
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    I need to buy a case, I think..

    I have been using the Belkin case since the release date and it seems to be slim enough to not feel like you are wearing a utility belt! However it is a pain to always have something tied to your waist. I use the case to protect the investment. Tom
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    What was your last phone before the iPhone?

    My previous devices were: Blackberry Curve (still use for businesss needs) BB Pearl Samsung Blackjack RAZR V3xx treo 750 treo 700 Cingular 8525 Cingular 8125...... and many many more....