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    iPhone 7 battery case concerns

    The constant charging is actually a good thing that extends the battery life even more. From what I understand if an iPhone has 80% battery life or more it will "trickle charge" and "top off", supposedly that is what makes the smart battery case smart. Also, I have an iPhone 6S that I use 100%...
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    Where do I find the IP address?

    I have Wifi turned off. There must be a way to see my IP adress anyway (the address I'm given when using the 3G network)
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    Apple refuses to help FBI Crack terrorist's iPhone citing right to privacy

    Cyber security is a huge public safety concern. On the one hand, the FBI is confronted with its current dilemma of gathering evidence in a terrorism case. On the other hand, Apple is considering the strategic implications of a world in which strong encryption is ubiquitous but only available to...
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    Camera sounds

    The best method to turn on the camera sound on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is to turn up the volume on the smartphone. The way you can do this is by pressing the “volume up” button on the side of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus until the phone goes into its highest level. When the volume sound is...