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    How often does Safari crash?

    Is this a specific web site if so post a link and see if anyone else has the problem.
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    Average Activation Time in the Southeast?

    Finally got someone to turn on my canceled Activation from last night. Since my Verizon number has now been ported to ATT the plan is to wait 2 hours for the system to catch up then call back and they think they can just update my account. Wow and it's only been 39 hours since I started.
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    Average Activation Time in the Southeast?

    Whatever you do don't cancel the Port. I called about hour 26 and requested they stop the port from Verizon and reset my account so I could obtain a new phone number. What a bad decision that was it has left my account in a state of limbo. The port from Verizon is canceled but the ATT account...
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    Average Activation Time in the Southeast?

    After 17 hours I called Verizon and was told that ATT had not made a request to transfer my number. Next call was to ATT after 35 mins talking to rep I was told they would send another request to Verizon to transfer number and that my 24 hour clock would start over again. I know I've...
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    Average Activation Time in the Southeast?

    Did you get an answer on starting over. I was thinking of doing just that and requesting a new phone number.
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    Long wait time for activation

    My current concern is at 7:22 pm my Verizon phone is turned off and I won't have the new ATT service turned on.
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    12 hours, still no activation

    Almost at 15 hrs here
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    Long wait time for activation

    Going to make breakfast and catch up on TiVo from the past week. With my laptop close at hand waiting for email of transfer confirmation.
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    Long wait time for activation

    Same here I called the number in the email about 1:30 am ATT says be patient could take up to 24 hours. I feel like a kid with a great Xmas present on Xmas day and no batteries.
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    I just got this email, what does it mean?

    I did ask they could not tell me how long the transfer would take :frown:
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    I just got this email, what does it mean?

    I called Att and Apple told me until my old number transfers the phone can not be used. Guess it's time quite for the night and wait until morning.
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    What happened when you plugged into USB port?

    Did you upgrade to iTunes 7.3?
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    doesn't seem to be selling out?

    Wow I wish I had gone to my Apple store the ATT people in Oakhurst, NJ would not even allow use to the the restrooms. I was 3rd in line got my 8gb with no trouble. The store manager did however let people at the back of the line know at 6PM they would not receive phones.
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    activation taking awhile...

    I'm in the same boat waiting for Email. I only hope the email they sent was incorrect it stated the transfer won't happen for 24 hours from today.
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    I've reached a verdict..

    From the Apple web site they have 170 stores worldwide I then counted stores outside the US a total of 21 stores. So Apple will be shipping to 149 stores in the US.