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    no sound. phone thinks that its attached to an attachment.

    LOL..plug in your iPhone headset to the phone, start a song, stop the song get out of ipod>>>> remove headset, plug it in and unplug a couple of times and it will work after that. Please try to use iPhone compatible devices as much as you can as I have seen a lot of users having problems with...
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    Vista and iTunes

    Sounds like the typical Logitech Web cam drivers issue. Go to Logitech web site, dowload the latest drivers, reboot PC and you should be fine after that.
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    iPhone volume is a problem

    Try this and see if it helps go to settings tap on Ipod Turn OFF Sound Check tap on Volume Limit Volume limit slider pull to right Turn Volume Limit to OFF IF you prefer change EQ setting to Treble Booster and you will have good volume now.
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    phone number

    Yes I was able to.