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    Apple Bluetooth

    no you can't listen to music at this time.
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    Apple Bluetooth

    i got my Apple headset the other day and it works great.i just have one question does anybody know how long the battery charge is affected by leaving the bluetooth on all the time ?Thanks.
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    need help buying a car charger!

    i just bought a griffin iPhone car charger today.but just read an item on it now about some problems the user was having with it like the phone getting hot and some noise coming from the charger.I was torn between the griffin and the extreme charger.did i make a mistake and has anybody...
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    How many here dropped Verizon for the iPhone?

    how many dropped verizon? I still have my verizon account and will cancel shortly at the cost of$175,OUCH!
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    Has anyone seen my AT&T logo?

    I was getting ready to make a phone call ,i switched on the phone mode and hit my favorites key. the phoned looked like it was trying to make the connection,but wasn't going through.i hit the end call key.i tried this several times and still no connection. i noticed in the top left corner i had...
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    If I Reset the iPhone, Do I Lose Data?

    reset 0r restore ? To reset your iPhone hold your sleep and home button down for 10 seconds.there will be NO DATA LOST.To restore your iPhone to the same thing for 25 seconds this will clear all data and make the phone factory fresh.
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    Does anyone actually use their "Favorites" contacts?

    "favorites" contacts i only have 5 favorites but i find more convient than struming through the whole contact list.
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    Good Battery ONLY if you never use iPod

    great battery lief you say. i agree when using your ipod to play movies and videos does drain it pretty fast,i listen to a lot of music and podcast and i find the battery life excellent.Most of my movie watching is at work so i use my adptor.
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    playing iPhone in the car.

    when using the iPhone in the ipod mode in the car i get strange static pops through my radio.i am using the cassette adaptor to play my ipod. i am assuming it is some sort of interference from the phone itself.has anybody experienced this,and does anyone know if it may be harmful to the phone?
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    Wall Charging vs. Computer Charging

    computer charging my sister in law told me a story about a ipod nanno she bought in BEST BUY.the salesman talked her into buying a wall charger for her new nano because he said the computer only charges 80% where the wall charger charges 100%i have no idea of the truth of that statement or was...
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    Sirius on iPhone

    xm on a black jack phone i talked to my friend he said it came pre- installed on his black jack he just had to activate through cingular/AT&T.he said its about $4.00 a month more.
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    Sirius on iPhone

    MY friend has a Black Jack phone and gets XM radio on his,first of all you must be a XM subscriber,and there is a small monthy fee.I am assuming Sirius offers a similar service.
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    What Kind Of Video Do You Have On Your iPhone?

    video on my iPhone I try to carry a couple of movies,some music videos and right now i have "THE CLOSER"t.v eposodes on it.My movies on it are "Shooter"and "the hills have eyes 2"
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    Anyone using a vehicle mount?

    vehicled mount i ordered the one from the everything i phone store it has a nice ajustable neck,and holds the iPhone snuggly.the only thing is you would think since it fits in your lighter socket, that they would have gave it the abilty to charge the phone.
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    point of no return.

    well my two weeks have passed, and can no longer return my iPhone and nor do i want to.i have been using it for the passed two weeks with no problems,not even with activating.i really love this phone and hope after using it for two weeks without problems (knock wood)means my phone will continue...