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Apr 20, 2015 at 8:51 AM
    1. BrownGem
      Hey Europa. I made a thread in IOS software about the calendar app requiring a password. I meant to make a new post so it could be seen. Guess I am rusty. I won't duplicate it as a post. If you can help with the problem it would be greatly appreciated :)
    2. MyRichLife
      Hope your doing well.
    3. CanadianNemo
      Your hippo picture is my favourite one! :)
      1. Europa
        Thanks! Yeah, baby hippos are really cute! :)
        Dec 23, 2011
    4. IceCold357
      I noticed on one of your screen shots you have an icon in the stays bar I am not familiar with. It is a bar with a triangle on top. Look to be some sort of memory icon. Could you please tell me what that is?
      1. Europa likes this.
      2. iphonewarrior
        Sorry for poaching in on Europa's status.. It's a Bluetooth headset battery indication icon.
        Sep 28, 2011
      3. IceCold357
        It it iPhone Warrior. Thank You! Does your Bluetooth have to be equipped with that or is that something you can download?
        Sep 28, 2011
    5. iphonewarrior
      On a night shift? :)
    6. Leo
      Were you always a moderator this entire time? I only noticed today that you are. If you were recently promoted, congrats!
    7. llrickman
      HI Europa , I was wondering if you might be able to answer a question . I had my iPhone at the apple store today the genius did a DFU restore came home and synced from back up and its like its all new. I found a backup file dated 5-12-11 that i want to use to back it up. How do i go about using that particular backup to restore?


      Im on iPhone 4 Macbook Mac OS X
    8. Sharunda
      Hi: I just wanted to pop by and say Hi. I like your opinon on the iPhone 5 coming to Verizon and I left a message in the Verizon thread. You have valid points that make sense. I think I do also. I'm waiting to see what Apple does as far as another iPhone so soon for Verizon.

      I hope you accept my friend request. I always like your posts and opinions.

    9. mafia_001
      Thx for the icon Europa
    10. mafia_001
      THX Europa .
    11. mafia_001
      Europa could you give me the Cydia pirate chest NON RETINA one?? Thx that's all i need
    12. AdrianCubed
      Yeah Im still waiting for V. I notice you are like a gamer.

      You like shows with scifi/aliens/zombies... and a good deep and thoughtful plot.
      I wonder what books you keep.
    13. AdrianCubed
      YES.... Been watching since day 1. I watch it online. Its not out over here in London.

      I have to watch this weeks episode. The last episode i saw was when he meets his wife and son... and the redneck has gone missing.
    14. MyRichLife
      Thank you for the links & also glad your doing well! Question how do I access the web camera? I tried the capture image application on the laptop it pop up's with a box saying image capture device isn't detected?
    15. MyRichLife
      Hope all is well :).
    16. craiggiarc
      Just talked about you, well your profile pic anyway, over here, so thought you should know.

    17. MyRichLife
      Sure. I'll stick around this time I promise. I kinda did miss reading up on the news and so on. :)
    18. Europa
      Cool. I missed seeing you on the forum. Stick around this time, okay? :)
    19. MyRichLife
      I R BACK! :o
    20. Woody dog
      Woody dog
      i can not find the etc file when i hold shift and click restore in itunes i can find it from my home page but not wnen i try to restore in itunes i have used tiny umbrella and have used the instructions on the jailbreakme website im in dfu mode the last thing i can get after drivers is nothing ive been trying for two days!!!!!! and have looked all over the web
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