• Europa,

    Are you running your unlocked iPhone through T-Mobile? If so I have a few questions for you for a friend that wishes to unlock, jailbreak and use her iPhone 3G on T-Mobile. Questions as far as purchasing apps, internet plan and so on. Thanks.
    Ahh well, we tried and the peanut gallery chimed in and neither Pepe or Oj will be coming back. Oh well. I guess me and you are the only ones who know Pepe well enuff to kno he's not a horrible person unlike others who are here.
    Lol, with Dave making the whole Pepe thing so personal i doubt anything will happen. I talk to Pepe occasionally online, i also got the PM to post up his sincere apology but you put it up since i was AFK. Since me and you don't mind him we're his hope.
    Hey there. You seem to know a lot about all the software jailbreak/unlock scenario.

    When I get my new phone, should I restore it from a back-up of my current v1 or start completely fresh? If I do it fresh, is all I have to do regarding apps and stuff just sign in to my iTunes store account?

    And if I do it off the back-up, what would happen if I plug my v1 back in afterward?
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