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  • Social Hut is long gone. :)
    Sometimes, it seems I'm talking to myself on eiC!
    To update or not to update, that is the question!
    When we go to iPopuli, can I change my name to everythingicafe?
    Took LifeProof apart to get Ser. #'s for Support and latch came right off. Now case is useless. I'm pissed.
    Coming back to eiC. Need some excitement in my life. lol
    Goodness I LOVE your avatar. Fits you perfectly for your name!
    Not been much on EiC. A lot going on at work.
    I'm with adnurahs...:D Tough getting used to the new Eic
    I see criminal minds just got "Apple'd" All agents got new tablets, looks like a 3G iPad 2. As far as I know, Morgan and Hotch, maybe others, got iPhone 4's. The victim's got iPhone 4's! You can see the apple gear in the last 2 episodes.

    Yes, I'm up at 1:00amCDT, or 2:00am your time.
    I see you've found the .ipsw's.
    I'm watching it now on tv, man! When they entered that building, they were like "bew bew bew bew, ttaatttt". Usually they try to arrest them and al of that stuff. Man!
    Buying it off iTunes is way to expensive. I wonder if Netflix has them? And do you watch the criminal minds::suspect behavior?
    Cool. My favorite character is Hotch. But I kinda think the show is falling apart, ever since foyete. I only get to watch the last 15 minutes of it also, because of confirmation. I will miss Emily, but glad JJ is back.
    Oh yah. I love it. Do you watch it?
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