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    Don't like you. That's why we aren't friends.

    J/K :p

    How did the interview go the other day?

    I'm on an electricians course over the next few weeks, before I leave the forces. It's highly stressful. I'm going to be looking for a job soon...
    Is there nothing that you've ever wanted to start off on your own? lol.
    *i don't meen to pry, but are you on your own? Even better if you are because then there's nothing to lose.
    I was serious lol.

    There are many people who picked up shop, moved to china, and are now multi millionaires.
    Maybe move to China? Expats make loads.
    OMG, you're STILL unemployed wow. Geez. I thought by now you'd have work.
    Me on the other hand, im just basically here in London now for University.
    Lol so how have you been?
    lol really busy with university and trying to get my clothing line off the ground.
    Hey you still around?
    hey dude how's everything going?
    Im good. Just making something to eat, while listening to RoykSopp's True to life.
    hahaha. How's everything with you? Are you doing ok?
    lol Late wall post is late Evo.
    hey.. can i run the jailbreak when i receive my brand new iphone 3g on friday? or do i have to activate it 1st and stuff? because itll save me $18 that way right?
    What can you tell from my eyes in my avatar lol.
    lol. I did like the one with Hilary's Eye mouths.

    I notice that almost every picture is of eyes or something around them where the focal point is the eyes.

    Is there any reason to that?
    Where the hell do u get your avatars? I love em.
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