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    Are the iPhone headphones covered under the one year warranty?

    Yeah headphones are covered under 1 year warranty, I replaced mine and they didn't ask questions or ask for receipt.
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    TV OUT Capabilities

    BTW, you can also display all your photos via the interface on your TV.
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    Do my Earphones need a "Sweat Shield"?

    I had the exact same problem with my headphones. I do a lot of running and after a month or so songs would skip, stop, etc while I was running. I brought the headphonesinto the Apple store and they swapped them out no questions asked. The headphones are covered by the same 1 year warranty as the...
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    Exchange Integration Delivered

    The website where you configure the access has tabs for "appoinments" and "tasks"; I thought those would allow synchronization with Exchange int those areas..of course the website is virtually unusable at the moment...