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    Brown Recluse up close

    I took these photographs of a brown recluse spider up close. We find these everywhere in our house in North Texas. Not a spider you want to get bit by. Its not really fatal, few if anyone dies from a bite, but the bite does rot the flesh away and will leave lots of bad memories...
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    Coin Puzzle 6 coin swap

    This is a cool coin puzzle I found. The object is to get three of one type of coin on one side and three of the other type on the other side
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    Mosquito sucking my blood

    Yes I know I am crazy. This weekend I was playing outside with the family and the mosquitoes were eating us alive. I decided to film one the entire time while he was feeding on me.
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    Incredible insect Macro photographs and videos

    These are some really incredible photos and video of insects. I really like the hornets with dew drops on them.