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    video wallpaper is here!

    here's mine:
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    Official 1.1.1 thread for UNLOCKED iPhone users.

    iPhone Firmware 1.1.1 Is Out, Now Testing for Unlocked iPhones Bricking [UPDATE: It doesn't brick it] Update 3:26PM: OK, I have updated to 1.1.1 in my unlocked iPhone. It works. You have to put the AT&T card before starting. Video upcoming. Testing of unlock too...
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    Official iPhone Software Update 1.01 Discussion

    it's true...go update..
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    iPod vs. iPhone's iPod only use the album cover and didn't even notice it exists..:laugh2::laugh2:
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    iPod vs. iPhone's iPod

    how did u do it on the iPhone?
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    Replace The System Sound

    I tried that but doesn't work for me.
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    Replace The System Sound

    These instructions were contributed by "Christian" "Ksilebo", and "TkN". For the ultimate in customization, you can follow these steps to change your system sounds for new mail, new sms, new voicemail, et cetera. Remember you will be updating the system sounds, you can always restore them...
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    Changing message, email tones

    yep, just follow the instruction...u should be fine
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    Changing message, email tones

    I got that reply when I was asking for help on changing the sounds for new mail, text message, etc. Anyways, I got mine working.
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    GUIDE: How to change SMS Bubble Color

    thank you...this is cool
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    Sound System Help

    i was converting it it working now..thank you..everytime i get a new mail my fave song plays...time to change the new text message sound, etc...:smile:
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    Sound System Help this is how ppl are like in this forum... just asking if anyone has try it and can i was saying, the instruction is included in the custom ringtones but i have trouble getting this to work...well then, thanks anyway..lock this thread
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    Sound System Help

    i followed the instructions but iPhone interface keeps crashing when I type this...putfile /System/Library/Audio/UISounds/.caf.....has anyone try this and got it working?...please help