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    Well it's now "later next week" and still no details about ordering a free bumper yet

    Just got an email about a refund for the bumper I bought two weeks ago.
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    SGP Ultra Crystal iPhone 4 screen protector.

    I got my crystal earlier this week. It is a nice product, but mine doesn't stick completely around the earpiece, and it's a common issue with these. I haven't tried my second film to see if it has the same issue. Hope you get one without this issue.
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    my e-mails since iPhone 4

    My emails have been coming through, but I've noticed that takes a long time to actually leave after I hit the send button. Anyone else have this issue?
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    Does anyone recommend SGP screen protectors?

    Take a stab at removing the dust particle by lifting the screen using scotch tape with one hand, and removing the particle with scotch tape in the other hand. Works pretty well.
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    Does anyone recommend SGP screen protectors?

    I just got the crystal in today and put it on. Seems like a good quality screen with no orange peel effect. The problem I am having is that the film is not adhering properly around the ear hole (or whatever you call it) and has I can't seem to get it to stick down. Others have reported this...
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    FYI on BestSkinsEver for iPhone 4

    I just got a set yesterday. I read on another site that they were changing the design to accommodate the rear flash. They have great customer service, so i'm sure they'll do you right.
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    i need a clear screen protector

    Is the SGP back screen the same material as the front side, or is it more like a best skins ever/zagg material? The SGP website indicates the use of a spray to apply the back, so it looks like it may be more "zagg" like. I want a clear back also with no orange peel.
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    iOS4 Folder Enhancement

    Uhm, no sir.
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    Invisible Shield is AWESOME

    I've used Best Skins Ever on my previous iPhones, and generally like those, except for the orange peel effect on the screen. I have the Power Support crystal on my iPad, and it is great. Can't even tell it is on, other than a slightly different feel. I think it'll be another month till those are...
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    Invisible Shield is AWESOME

    Is there an orange peel effect to the invisible shield screen cover?
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    iOS 4.0 Gold Master

    I installed this tonight and it was a snap. Should there be an iBooks icon, or do I need to Download that from the app store or iTunes.
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    Email Confirmation (AT&T)

    I ordered mine a 5am central time, and still don't have an email. It is showing up as being "in process" when I check my status. If it doesn't show up on the 24th, then it's class action time. :dft010:smiling
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    $200 back.

    I bought the 3G the first day it was available. Unfortunately, ATT has my wifes phone listed as the primary, and that line is 100 per month. My line is about 50 per month. I called ATT to switch the primary, and they said it still would allow me to get the subsidized price. My wife has a V1...
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    Email Question/Concern?

    I was having the same issue with my v1 when I upgraded to 2.0. I had to reset my phone, and then the emails would come through. I got my 3g a week or so ago, and my email seems to be working fine now, knock on wood.