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    Does the new SummerBoard update support 1.1.2?

    How to get summerboard on 1.1.2? Hi All I have upgraded to 1.1.2 and jailbroken.Previously I had 1.1.1 jailbroken and activated with ATT. Now If I browse installer I cant find Summerboard. Any help? Thanks Gary
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    Synching from iPhone to Mac

    Hello Can you check ,after connecting the phone to the mac, if the Replace option at the very bottom of the Info tab(I think ) is checked? This will replace all info on the iPhone with the info from your imac when you sync.. HTH
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    Copy MP3s from hard Disk to iPhone

    Hi You will need to organise all your MP3's in iTunes software first as playlists. Then you can sync all the playlists from iTunes into your phone.You don't necessarily have to buy from the iTunes store to sync mp3 with iPhone. HTH
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    Do's and don’ts for an unlocked iPhone

    You can stop the iPhone from automatically syncing by Checking off that option.Its right there on the main screen when u connect the iPhone. Additionally u can also set syncing preferences separately for contacts,calendar,bookmarks,email setup,music and photos.That is you can select to sync only...
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    Extremely Confused Help w/ 1.0.2?

    IMO.. Start Afresh.. Revirginize your iPhone and goto 1.0.2 or 1.1.1 and get unlocked(if thats what you want). After making so many mods and unlocks and bricking my iPhone for a whole week..using different methods..I was totally lost on what i actually did.. So I went to revirginize,update...
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    Was it worth the wait to get the first iPhone?

    It is worth the long wait.. IMO..I would not stick with the stock phone and jailbreak it immediately to get Apps installed.. Just an added bonus to an already great piece of hardware.. :smile:
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    any SIM cannot unlock this phone

    If you have never unlocked and you have 1.1.1(DO NOT goto 1.1.2) can you do get Appsnapp,BSD and openssh 2.use the unlock method from modmyifone.. Regards EDIT: Assuming you are with ATT(as iPhone...
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    Guess 1.1.2 is out!

    It would be nice if someone posted the screenshot of the update from the upgrade process,whihc has list of features or such..
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    Do's and don’ts for an unlocked iPhone

    DO NOT upgrade to latest firmware from iTunes. DO NOT apply restore..always do Option+ Restore and choose which firmware you want to restore to. DO enjoy the attention from friends. DO show-off your iPhone at cafes,restaurants and on public transport. DO donate to the folks who helped you with...
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    New Apple iPhone Ad features bricked iPhone

    Thats awesome Love the video..yay to ingenuity and creativity.. LOL:tounge:
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    Anyone unlocking but still using AT&T?

    Iunlock + apptapp I have firmware 1.0.2 on my iPhone and I used Apptap and iunlock(the previous version of Anysim) to unlock.
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    You bought an iPhone, but would you buy it again?

    Will NOT Buy... on the first day or at launch..will definitely wait for the drop in price.. BUT I will definitely buy a new Apple product.. No doubt -Gary
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    Not so interesting news for unlocked iPhones

    don't update..right? Yeah..why do we need WIFI store unless you live in NY..? We can just not do the upgrade and live with it..right?
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    successful unlock and mods - AT&T customer!

    I did the unlock of my ATT iPhone with unlock(previous version of anySIm),AppTapp and Cyberduck. Tested with T-mobile problems so far.. To all: Was this the first try for y'all? How do I restore back to locked-with-att-warranty-intact state? Thanks:smile:
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    Bricked My iPhone

    Tmobile prepaid works on my iPhone...When I popped in the SIM card there was a couple of minutes when an "error" message popped up..thne on the Home page there was "No Service".. Waited for a minute mort and then got the Tmobile signal.. I don't have EDGE so couldnt test anything other than...