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    Think we'll ever get an Ichat app?

    this seems very promising. I'll try the alpha later tonight
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    Average Battery Life. What's Yours?

    What the heck are you talking about? The Treo line of phones have a touchscreen and they're specifically labeled as a smartphone. And isn't a smartphone just a phone with PDA capabilities?
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    Apple Should Make a MySpace Widget

    I find Facebook to be a lot more clean and useful. It's way easier to bring people together. MySpace seems to have lost it's "social networking" purpose.
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    Naming your iPhone

    Moqueesha is the name of mine. My MacBook Pro is called Princess and my Acura TL is called Tina. Go ahead and laugh.
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    Average Battery Life. What's Yours?

    Usage 2 Hours, 21 minutes Standy 5 hours 46 minutes Still full.
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    What was your last phone before the iPhone?

    Treo 600 and Sony Ericsson K610i
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    Anyone else sick of typing "Ha ha" and getting "Us us"?

    I type "haha" as one word and I've never had that problem. Sometimes, if it's really funny, it gets a "hahaha"
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    Post your iPhone V1 and 3G pics!

    Bye Bye, Birdie.....
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    Any dead or stuck pixels?

    I know the LCD is behind the glass, but I had a stuck pixel that was green but it went away when I massaged it with my nail. Hopefully someone else with that problem can try it out as well.
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    Can You Believe it was Just Last Week...

    I'm not sure if I know how to describe it, but I have never been so involved with a gadget. For example, I've gone through quite a few cellphones in the last four years. When I get them, it's like pretty cool for the first two days days. I would test it out and try out all the features but...
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    iPhone apps crashing, or home button problem?

    I wouldn't mind so much if the phone saved my passwords. I frequent Facebook using the iPhone a lot and when it happens, I have to re-login everytime.
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    Where do you keep your iPhone stereo headset?

    I keep the cleaning cloth in my wallet. As for the headphones, I keep them in the opposite front pocket just as someone mentioned earlier
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    this headphone thing is obnoxious

    I believe someone mentioned the V-MODA already. But if you guys are curious,
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    Anyone purposely NOT showing their iPhones off?

    Surprisingly, my entire family including my grandparents were pretty impressed by it and thought it was worth the money. The only family member that had a gripe with me getting was my dad but that quickly went away. Dad: Where've you been all day? Me: Trying to get an iPhone Dad: Gosh...