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    Walnut Creek craziness

    So yeah, I've been in line in Walnut Creek with the guys for the past 12 hours and we've been pegged by water balloons, we've called the police. The police found the teenagers who did it and made them apologize. Now we're dealing with a late night shutterbug and a crazy old lady who...
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    in line for iPhone!

    The line is 23 people deep in Walnut Creek, CA. It's not that bad. Pretty mellow.
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    Kicked out from front of Apple store

    It's been pretty mellow down here in Walnut Creek. The cops and the Apple folks are cool with it. They've even given us water on and off during the day. Right now, I'm standing outside the store. It's almost 11:30 p.m. and they're still folks in there with an armed guard. So the sleepover thing...
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    "In-Line" Thread

    Walnut Creek I've been in Walnut Creek, CA., since 1 p.m. Thursday. The iWait guys are out in front. I'm checking out the store once in a while and there's an armed guard inside. I'm live blogging here: