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    What are you going to do with your $100 credit?

    :laugh2: I am going to get the Apple Care Plan for my new Macbook!
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    8GB iPhone is now going to be $399

    Not a big deal to me... My wife and I really love our iPhones, so while I can't believe Apple lowered the price so quickly, I will still support Apple. I am hoping that more sales means more updates to the iPhone such as BT A2DP! The only difference for my buying decisions with Apple, being...
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    20% battery left from 10hr standby

    It sounds normal to me if you have your brightness setting up higher and browsing with wifi. Is this about right for you? Also, safari is initially laggy, but once you get going, it is fine. Also check to see the time you have it pulling your email down... I have mine pulling it about every...
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    20% battery left from 10hr standby

    Browsing the web on wifi and/or edge can quickly drain the battery... try lowering your brightness and turn off wifi and/or bluetooth if you do not need it. I normally get 7-8 hours of usage checking email and browsing edge with my bluetooth on.
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    iPhone support A2DP?

    Yeah, I got the S9 and it works perfectly! This is so cool to have, even if I have to use the very small icombi adapter! I love that I have a wireless BT phone now when jogging outside! I must admit that my phone before the iPhone was the imate Jam, which did not come with the BT stereo...
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    Jabra EarGels + iPhone Bluetooth = Heaven!

    :laugh2: Thanks for the tip! It sure looks ugly on the headset, but if it works... it almost looks like something women keep in their drawers at the side of their beds.
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    Apple Bluetooth Headset Discussion

    Battery life I am not sure I have a defective headset or not, but should the battery drop down from a full charge beginning at 4:00 pm today to roughly 2/3 of a charge left as of 9:00 pm? The other day I was trying to take a call with it and the battery was completely gone after charging it up...
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    Listen to music through the Bluetooth headset

    Has anyone who uses the Apple BT headset figure out how to turn the audio up while turning the speakers down? I am glad to finally get mono audio through my headset but people will hear my audio through the speakers.
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    Loose black back piece?

    I have the exact same issue. I notice when I pull it out of my case, it sometimes feels like something is "creaking." I am not sure where it is happening, but I think it happens around the plastic black backing. I think my wife's is fine, but my iPhone seems to have the problem. I am way...
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    iPhone support A2DP?

    :laugh2:I just received my icombi adapter! So far I tested it with my itech R35 clip, but it doesn't seem to want to pair with the adapter. I noticed when I plugged the adapter in, I get a message stating the device is not compatible with the iPhone. The good news is that this is the first...
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    Question about interference

    Great point! As a matter of fact, my last phone only had BT and no wifi. Would it matter if I keep my wifi off? I usually always have it off and leave my BT radio on. I really notice the interference when mail is getting pulled off the server. I tried turning down my speakers but the...
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    Question about interference

    I am sure this has been discussed earlier, but I was just wondering if there was anything different about the iPhone that causes the interference noise on speakers to be louder and more frequent, then say, my last Pocket PC phone? I did notice interference on it as well; however near my same PC...
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    iPhone Safari browser keeps randomly closing!

    I am happy to hear that! I really love the phone and know a ton of people love it too, so I am sure we will be even more happy after the upcoming update! I am hoping they release a BT update for Stereo the meantime I am buying the oakley adapter based on another post I read...
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    iPhone Safari browser keeps randomly closing!

    Yeah, well there are a bunch of high rollers in Vegas. I haven't seen these fly through the doors at my local Apple store. I want sales to go through the roof for Apple because it only means more accessories and investment in the technology, but people who I run into who see me using the...
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    Music and Movies over Bluetooth

    Same here I noticed the same thing with my iPhone, but I am not getting my hopes up that Apple will release this ability on the next update. I think they will only come up with a variety of fixes and simple updates such as landscape in the mail application, maybe cut and paste and file...