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    iPhone OS 3.0: It's available now!

    7 pm here in Denver and just updated 2 phones. The 3G needed to have the USB unplugged and plugged back in at the end, other then that, no problems with the V1 or 3G update.
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    A Few apps

    Speaking of never locking or dimming, for those that have their phone never go to dim, is there a screen burn issue?. I run Pandora at work and it's fine that it dims after a few seconds but just wondering if someone has attempted to have their screen on all the time without any issues? There...
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    Planning on getting a 3G, Need some information first

    One 3G and one original, here in Colorado. State tax could have an effect for sure.
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    Planning on getting a 3G, Need some information first

    No discount here and $141 for two lines. It looks like the second line is where the real cost saveings appear.
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    Can I activate my iPhone 3G at home or does it have to be in-store?

    From what I hear it's still in the store. It may have something to do with the fact that AT&T is subsidizing the phone. I'm not sure, but if you pay full price, you may be able to take it home without it activated.
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    Planning on getting a 3G, Need some information first

    I have 2 lines, about $140 a month with the 200 text plan. One is a 3G and one is an V1 phone.
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    Dual iPhones - How are they managed in iTunes?

    Is it even an option to be selective with contacts and calendars if you have two phones? (other then add all the ones on there and take the ones off the phone you don't want? I have never attempted this.
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    Dual iPhones - How are they managed in iTunes?

    For music and Apps etc the single profile would work in both the OS and iTunes, when it comes to calendars and contracts, is there a way to have differnet contacts and calendars go onto the phone with only one profile? I use my work exchange for that part so have never had an issue. But I...
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    Dual iPhones - How are they managed in iTunes?

    We have two phones. Just make a folder for you and one for the wife and drop the songs in it you want, or you can load all the same songs if you want. Then sync only what you want to each phone. You can load any of the apps by just selecting the ones you want of each phone. All on the same...
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    No Incoming Calls over EDGE with Push Email On

    Wow lots of email accounts. Do you have a ton of emails all the time or are there only a few emails that come into your phone a day. It could be that if your getting emails all the time, the phone is just getting data all the time...
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    iTunes video store problem

    Under Edit, (the second one over on the top) File, then Edit, the last item in that section. The (Ctrl+,) will also work on my PC computer. The tap in the Preference is the 5th one over in my compter.
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    iTunes video store problem

    Do you know anyone else that has iTunes in your area that can get these items or is someone from Finland able to tell us if they have movies and TV shows on iTunes?
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    Help with check & uncheck music

    Play lists can help with that... but it won't fix the issue you have now.
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    Anybody having problems getting artwork?

    I had this issue with the artwork I got from non-itunes songs. If you go to the song (not the album view) in iTunes and right click on it, then choose "get info" look at the Artwork tab, you may see it in one song on the album but not all the songs. Just copy and Past the artwork into the...