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    iPhone 3G Case Recommendations

    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum. I am currently in the case market and I'm looking for a skin case. (the rubber/soft ones) There are so many choices and I just can't narrrow all of them down. I'd like something simple but provides good protection and doesn't add a lot of bulk...
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    2.2 jailbreak and Lag reports

    I'm glad everything is going well. I'll have to jb tomorrow morning. Looking forward to it.
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    Unlockings Sounds?

    I'm having the hardest time doing this. I've renamed the file and placed it in the correct folder but it doesn't play. Is there an extra step I'm missing?
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    Unlockings Sounds?

    Is there a way to have your jailbroke iPhone play a custom sound once you unlock it(slide to unlock)? If so, can somebody give me some help on how to do it? Thanks.
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    just unlocked iPhone-

    Thanks for the info guys, I'm glad I did it!
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    Home Button Not Responding

    Well it is but it's not as quick/as often as I'd like. My iPhone is about 3 months old and sometimes it responds and sometimes it doesn't. Is there any way to fix this?
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    cycorder transfer to computer

    You need DiskAid. Then boot it up with your iPhone connected. Then click on the videos folder and it should be in there. Select the file and click "Copy to Folder" at the top of the program. Put it on your desktop and it will be saved as a .mov file. From there you should be able to upload it to...
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    just unlocked iPhone-

    Cool, learn something new everyday. BTW, is their an app for sending and receiving MMS that will work on ATT?
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    just unlocked iPhone-

    Interesting, so Cydia is the main one?
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    just unlocked iPhone-

    just jailbroke iphone- And Installer confuses me. Do I have to add sources? IF so, what should I add?
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    I am undecided on weather to jailbreak my iPhone. I hear how wonderful it is but I'm wondering if it's worth taking a risk. I remember when Apple released a patch that bricked modified iPhones. Im worried if that would happen again. Also i'd like to know how to back up data pre jailbreak so if I...
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    quick question...

    stock iPhone. Don't use outlook. It's all on my phone
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    quick question...

    Is there a way to send your calander in an email and is their a way to forward a text message?
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    Is it possible to undo a jailbreak?

    Is it possible to undo a jailbreak, and if so, how? I'd like to know before I start.
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    One speaker is quiet

    they had me fooled.