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    over seas question

    you also have to activate international roaming with ATT before you go. btw, i am visiting japan with my 3G iPhone right now. I do not have the international roaming service. I found out that GPS does now work even when I am in a wifi zone....
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    My 3G Buying Adventure - Hawaii Edition

    Glad to hear you eventually got one! I was watching KGMB news around 6:30 and found out that there were already 100 people in line at Ala Moana. So i went to the store and got to the store at 7. I think I was like between 100th and 200th. I got to the inside of the store at 10:30. It was a...
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    Apple Store in mall

    True. Especially the Ala Moana mall does not even have doors. I think it will be like the morning after the thanksgiving but just one store is open.
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    Do not sell your v1 iPhone if you want to buy a 3G at the discounted price.

    I got a free phone when I signed up with AT&T, then got an iPhone in the same week. Even in my case, I am eligible to purchase the 3G iPhone for the discounted price? Or do i have to wait until the two year term ends for the first phone?
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    Faster EDGE speed today.

    We have 3G coverage here in Honolulu. I am still deciding though.
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    Faster EDGE speed today.

    EDGE is not so good in my town (Honolulu). But it really worked great when I visited New Jersey (Ft. Monmouth area). If i could get the same speed at home, I probably would not need 3G for a while...
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    3G iPhone - LEAKED PICTURE!

    This guy says the the price might be a surprise...
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    Youtube activator 1.1.4

    ttp:// This method worked for me...
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    This is how to jailbreak a 1.1.2 otb iPhone...

    1.1.1 This works great. But now I decided to stick to 1.1.1. After downgrading from 1.1.2 to 1.1.1, the phone does not work unless you upgrade it back to 1.1.2. Is there any way just to downgrade to 1.1.1 while keeping the phone jailbreaked. BTW, I am on AT&T.
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    Outlook sync problem

    finally solved.... I tried everything. but nothing worked for me. but after updating itune to 7.5, it finally started syncing correctly! They finally solved the problem.
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    partial Outlook 2007 calendar sync

    I have the same problem! I checked add-in and com add-in etc. Basically Iid everything I could find on the internet. But I haven't resolved the issue yet. Right now, I cut and paste an event that syncs and modify it instead of creating a whole new event. This seems to be working....