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    Have you met

    The TV English Premium App was pulled by Apple, while the site still works fine. If you didn't spend those 99c, consider yourself lucky ;)
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    iPad 1 battery lifespan - anyone any idea

    I've had a quick look on eBay, the battery runs you down $28.69 including shipping, if you replace it yourself. It doesn't look that hard, judging by the guide on iFixit, either. Even if you decide to upgrade later, you'll always get a better price with a new battery.
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    Have you met

    If this is the wrong section, it would be nice if someone can move it to the right one. If you've (like me) waited for something like this for a long time, you know that this isn't spam. Plus, it's free, so there shouldn't be a problem as well.
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    Have you met

    Hi, is a web-app that lets you watch most major TV stations from the US, UK, France, Germany and Italy on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Apple TV (via AirPlay) for free, from anywhere in the world. Check it out!
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    iMac Getting my 1st Mac

    System Preferences -> Sharing -> File Sharing. If you enable that, you can share folders via right-click. They pop up on your Windows machine then. Yes, you can install Windows on your Mac, but unless you play games, everything works on your Mac as well.
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    iMac Game Controller for iMac OSx Lion

    I'm using a Super Nintendo controller with an USB adapter. Works like a charme.
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    MacBook 8GB of RAM in late 08' MacBook

    You don't want a bigger, but a faster HD -> That would be an SSD.
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    MacBook Can MacBook handle a 1TB Partition?

    Intel MacBooks, due to UEFI, don't have restrictions on the hard drive size (at least in the Terabyte range). The only thing that is limited is the physical space (to 9.5mm in height), but there are 1TB 2.5" hard drives that are 9.5mm high.
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    MacBook Air New Mac for Macworld?

    Didn't is say something about late April for the MBA refresh?
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    Saving PDF Documents

    You might as well try one of those 3rd party browsers from the App Store, which allow you to save PDFs.
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    Extreme initial setup frustration! Help?

    You can do the initial setup via iTunes as well.
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    iPad 1 battery lifespan - anyone any idea

    If you're not looking for an excuse to upgrade, just replace the battery. You find a guide on how to do that on, but there are companies who do it for you as well.
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    Can I exchange at Apple Store? Bought used, no receipt.

    You go to the Apple Store and try. If it doesn't work, you but the speaker assembly off eBay and replace it yourself by following the guide on iFixIt
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    Do you need LTE

    Yes we do need LTE. For the sole reason that the trafic limit will be increased to 10+GB.