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    Official iPhone Software Update 2.1 Pre-release Discussion

    If you wre adventurous to jailbreak your phone then why not be adventurous and update?
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    iPhone 3G Cases Customer Review Section

    DLO's hip case for the 1v iPhone had an automatic update as soon as I put my 3g iPhone in it! Amazing! =D
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    3G better Speakerphone? Volume? Vibrate?

    Yes and yes!
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    Received unlocked iPhone 3G by mistake?

    I think honesty is the farthest thing from his mind. *You got mail* Oh! Dude! The prince of Nigeria needs my help!
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    Come on, really? Is there no one of intelligence at Apple?

    You stop and think maybe they wanted this? Good press bad press, its all the same and it shows the other cell companys the mass flux of people. What makes a better WOW story? 500,000 people got and iPhone or 500,00 people crashed the servers getting their iPhone! Who knows...
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    SOLD OUT! I wasn't able to get one.

    Last I heard about it was around 2pm and it was full of people about 400 or more. You couldnt hardly get up stairs.
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    The iTunes Remote app works GREAT!

    @kneshoba , yes you have to update first!
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    The iTunes Remote app works GREAT!

    I went to settings/genrl on Apple tv and then saw my iPhone listed as a pair item and entered the code.
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    Turn by Turn coming via Telenav!
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    The iTunes Remote app works GREAT!

    Works great with Apple TV!
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    Let the lines begin

    If people are inline at my closest ATT their getting very wet :D
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    Official iPhone Software Update 1.1.3 Discussion

    I think he suffers from "Id10T error"
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    iPhone controls vehicle

    don't know if this was posted yet, I did search ;)
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    where the _____ is 1.1.3

    You should ask Chris to give you a cut of his drop shipment sales :laugh2:
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    iPhone of Home Phones

    Again for Tivo yes but not reg. Sure they want your sons to have it on the phone line, so they can grab info. Standard receivers don't get updates like that, its comes via the sat down stream. The phone line sends info not receives on them units. Ask anyone who "H" card hacked their...