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    iPhone 5 Ordered!

    Yes Was anyone able to get in store pickup?
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    Best headphones for iPad?

    I use my in ear beats and looking at getting a pair of Soul on ear.
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    Texts messages stored on my phone

    Yes..if you know how to find where your backups are located under mobilesync you can use sqlite to display all text messages by number.
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    Backing up text conversations.

    You can only look at non deleted messages. You can see them individually though. Look for mobilesyc something on your pc. If you are on xp I think it's appdata/ somewhere? You may have to change your view setting to show hidden files. After that I used sqlite add-on with firefox. It's pretty...
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    DETROIT Area Availability

    I would bet you would find one in Dearborn for sure..Its been awhile since i ran down woodward but there should be some places on there.
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    Consequenses of Jailbreaking on iPhone 4

    Last time I remember when you restore it goes back to that last save prior to jailbreak. I would do a fresh backup before you jailbreak it. Just my 02cents!
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    Please help activating "Find My iPhone" with iPhone 4

    It does work on 3G I have it on my sons phone. Create your mobile me on a 4g or mobile me online. Update 3G to latest version. Add mobile me as email and enter the account you created. It should ask you to turn on. Here is an image of his phone Image has been removed.
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    Cracked iPhone question

    I took one in with a complete spider out screen and they replaced it for free. He did warn me if it happen again they would charge.
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    Missing AT&T carrier logo?

    Mine was and i restored iPhone 4 with that backup. I didn't have any missing carrier logo but one time i did get a constant searching for signal. Try turning your phone off and on and see if that clears it up.
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    Where To Go?

    Im going to AT&T even though the Shack is a block over. I may check out Bestbuy since its across the street. IMO AT&T will have more in stock.
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    White iPhone 4

    The AT&T store near me said NO whites on IDay. I just went up there.
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    Anyone camping outside AT&T on launch day?

    LOL! Well since i couldnt pre-order and work had me tied up all day. I will be taking that day off and going down about 7pm. ;)
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    SWEEET! Just called Best Buy....

    Where in Ohio?
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    Anyone camping outside AT&T on launch day?

    On the 3g release my daughter and myself got there about 8pm and we were 6th in line.
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    Conferencing Calls

    Thanks ill call in the morning. When i tried.. I had a friend on the phone and wanted to call another one to figure out our Fantasy draft. Well I put the first guy on hold and called the other. I saw the merge button light up and hit it and nothing happen. It just kept switching the hold off...