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    Will you buy iLife 08' and dot Mac for iPhone to Web Gallery

    If you do not have a Camcorder to convert analog video to digital you can the dac-200 device. Works flawlessly. Be aware the the iMovie in the iLife '08 package requires the following: iMovie requires a Mac with an Intel processor, a...
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    iPhoto not detecting iPhone... please help

    Open up the ImageCapture application and in the preferences set which application you want to start when a camera (the iPhone looks like a camera when images are present). is connected. You will set, iPhoto as the desired application. Be warned though that it will always open and be annoying...
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    WiFi Newbie Needs Help!

    Note that some of the public wifi sites connect you to a server first where you agree to terms of use before it allows general access. I have seen this at airports for sure. Also some places allow you to buy time on a wifi server.