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    Post a funny video (I will start way a rabbit)

    Edit: Apologies the original video obviously not everyone's cup of tea and apologise if it offended anyone, will add a different video later , still anyone got any videos ? Hopefully better than my taste [MEDIA[/MEDIA] Your turn to post a funny video! See if we can get a chain of funny...
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    IOS 8.3 Tweaks

    I am stuck on ios 8.3 until the 9.3 jailbreak is out. I am looking for the best tweaks for a iphone six plus on 8.3. Any of you want to tell me what your using that works for 8.3? thanks
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    Should I jailbreak my 6s+ Or get a android

    You have to ask yourself the following questions: 1. as @Europa mentioned, what APP market would suit you the most in regards to apps (Apple Appstore or android app market) 2: if you decide to go with the iPhone and jailbreak it, are you willing to hold back on the latest updates (IOS) and...
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    Any idea when would the next Jailbreak be out ?

    Can't come quick enough for me, I'm stuck on 8.3! Hope we are not at the end of the jailbreak era! Some say there is no need for it, i disagree. Some much potential. Apple should give up the ghost and allow people to give the option to use there phones the way they want.
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    Jailbreak iOS 9.2?

    Is there a jailbreak for iOS 9.2? Seen a link on YouTube Not sure if it's legit so don't click until someone can confirm it ?im stuck on iOS 8 otherwise until ! ***EDIT*** Sorry i meant 9.1.
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    iPhone 6s Apple Upgrade System

    I watched the last of the Keynote.. I caught the part about the iphone upgrade system they will be offering (I know only in the US, so I understand it will be about two years here in the UK sadly !) but I have a few questions. How does it work? What is the price? Will you use this service? Do...
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    iOS 8 has been released

    I have IOS 8 GM installed and in UK still no option to upgrade OTA ?
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    iPhone 6 Keynote Discussion Thread

    Easy... iPhone 6 +... do you really need more than 64GB? Upload the rest to the iCloud or an external HDD. Edit: maybe not the iCloud with its track record since last week ;) is good, 50GB for free then pay for anything more.
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    iPhone 6 Keynote Discussion Thread

    Ah many thanks, I take it the price is for pay as you go? $399 = £247 Give or take so that is amazing for the price compared to what the have been previously £500+.. wonder if its because they have the iwatch out as well.
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    iPhone 6 Keynote Discussion Thread

    Never managed to watch that complete joke of a live stream keynote. If someone could do me the massive favour and round things up nicely for me it would be much appreciated, here are the questions on the iPhone 6 plus. Did they say what the screen was made of, is it the very strong one...
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    Great adverts Post them here !

    Scotland wants to become independent, the vote to make this big decision is on the 18th of september. I was watching Sky News and arguably one of the best adverts i have ever seen is about this came on. So does anyone else have any great adverts they want to share ? Also any other Scots on...
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    How do I set up receiving calls from iPhone, through Yosemite?

    I currently have my Mac on yosmite 10.10 (latest update) and iPhone 5 IOS 8 Beta . However I can't seem to find out how to revive calls and SMS texts won't sent through iMessage. Any help. thanks !
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    Apps not working well on iOS 8 beta 5

    Facebook just came up with an updated... Do not update if on beta 5 It's constantly crashed Facebook !!!
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    iOS 8 beta 4, what's new?

    How do you get widgets on IOS8 beta 5 on the notification center ? Also is it possiBle to get your normal texts on ipad ?
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    Tethering plans in the US

    So they also don't offer unlimited teathering? And is you bill spit into different sections ? Because if your paying $45 for the data that's shocking. Three when they offered unlimted teathering with unlimited data You also got 5000 minutes and 3000 texts and for all this was £40 pound and and...