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    Where did the forum go?

    You're an old fart? Don't forget about me and Napoleon!
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    i have a issue

    So what's your issue?
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    Anyone familiar with pay pal?

    Do what he says, spiderneome, he is all wise.
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    Where did the forum go?

    The iCafe app is no longer supported or updated, I think.
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    Which are the best latest Smartwatches for iOS and Andriod

    Since you're asking on an Apple forum, I'll just say the Apple Watch. I've had the 1st and 3rd gens and I love them.
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    IOS 11.2 update

    I've only had a couple of problems where I had to take my iPhone to the Apple Store for diagnostics, and both times they replaced it without any hassle.
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    Unable to install kodi on iphone

    Is your iPhone jailbroken?
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    UPS driver steals iPhone X caught on surveillance.

    What a douche.
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    iPhone X Photos Thread

    LOL, I had just finished what was in it.
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    iPhone X Photos Thread

    Apparently I'm the only one who is going to post in this thread....
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    iPhone X Photos Thread

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    iPhone X glass protectors issue

    Shouldn't hurt it at all. I tried twice to put a glass screen protector on and both times I had a speck of dust, so I trashed them and went to the ATT store and bought one from them and had them install it. Its perfect now.
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    IOS 11.2 update

    Hey, I have an iPod Hi-Fi. Its awesome!
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    I watch 2

    I went from the first gen to the newest one, and the difference is huge. FYI, its not called an iWatch.