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    What did you Cook today?

    I didn't cook ****!
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    iCafe just ordered his first MAC! Macbook pro 13' should be coming tomorrow... Oh yeah and whattsup everyone been on a lil break but im back going through a divorce so yeah good day
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    What the fudge?
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    Addicted to posting at eiC

    I like bacon
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    Online video rental services

    I just rent movies from my Cablevision box... On Demand, seems to be the best option
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    The iSlate is going...

    In my car to replace my AVIC N3 GPS RADIO ... it will be the epic car radio /gps/media
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    Oh boy (or girl)! It's on...

    Congratulations Dave thats awesome, your going to make a great Dad go wash your hands they smell like piss
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    Has any eiC member met another (in person)?

    I always prefer to introduce myself after I sleep with my women.
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    Has any eiC member met another (in person)?

    I met mrs. icafe ...and we made love.
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Now eat some turkey and CHOKE!
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    If you miss me...

    Than you are freaking me out !
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    Halloween Costumes

    My favorite game ... also wwf vs nwo and mario kart
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    I Love You, Beth Cooper.

    Your opinion is incorrect.
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    Spending time in a GigaTent Fantasy Palace Tent for Children

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    EiC Member Picture thread

    And where are the pics of you and your GF inside your hotel, John?