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    What theme do you use?

    I use Xoom Boot from vWallpaper.
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    Anyone into mountain biking?

    I ride every day.
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    Having problems installing this theme

    Well you can access that directory on your iPhone by using the app iFile. (free) Or you can do it on the computer by downloading iExplorer. (Also free)
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    Secret way to unlock IPod besides passcode?

    There is an app called Gravityboard. Basically you slide the lock screen up to unlock. You can make it bounce, and even remove the slide to unlock bar, so it's pretty good.
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    Free Cydia music apps?

    I'm not sure if this is legal... But dTunes from cydia is the best thing for you here.
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    The reboot option has a bug, hopefully fixed soon.
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    Removing Icon Shadows iOS 4.2.1

    Use an app called iFile. System is one of the firsts directories.
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    Removing Icon Shadows iOS 4.2.1

    An easier way is to download Springtomize from cydia. Removing the shadow is a custom option there.