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  • Hey Mac, email me. I can't sign on to Social Hub. It's telling me to get a new password.
    Watching criminal minds on A&E
    Watching operation repo. It got really intense!
    Yes, I actually mentioned to my wife that Morgan has an iPhone 4. I could tell from the side.
    I keep forgetting who you are. You have my apologies for my comments. I think it's great when a young 'en gets a job, like you have. You also know a lot about iDevices and don't want to lose your input.
    Yes, I watch that too, since it's right after the regular CM.
    I love AJ Cook (JJ). I used to watch anther show with her in it called Higher Ground. I'm sure you weren't born or just a little tike when that show was around. Can't you DVR the show? Or buy it on iTunes?

    My fav show is Leverage. My fav character in that show is Parker. I have my Firefox browser theme set to Parker.
    Yes, I watch it too. I also watch Bones & Fringe on FOX, Leverage on TNT.
    So, you like Criminal Minds, huh? I assume you saw last night's episode where Prentice was shot.
    Thanks for the concern, I'm ok.

    I've got a very sore face and mouth, I'll be ok :)
    Thank you Mac, enjoy your snow out there.
    Hey Mac...Have yourself a Happy New Year buddy!!!
    Hotch and dr. Reid
    How'd you guess : )
    Wow the brickyard I'm impressed a friend of mine has been to the Indy 500 twice and my fav driver is Mark Martin in the twilight of his career and probably the best driver to never win a championship.. Have a good night..

    I've been to NASCAR at pocono a couple times. I'm 48 I know an old man lol. I would have never guessed you were that age, your very intelligent I can tell from your posts.
    Hi, the app doesn't show much really, compared to the site. The Cardinals are cool I'm s huge Yankees fan, I know I know the team everyone loves to hate. So where you from? I'm from northeast Pa near the pocono mnts. Have a gr8 day.!
    Hey , what's new? I see your a baseball fan, who's your team? Have a nice night..
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