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    Has Anyone Purchased A HomePod?

    So anyone like the home Pod ? I am exactly not getting it because of the limited functionality. I use Google and am scared of Alexa Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    So I did it.... ATT thought I was crazy

    I still love the phone but would switch for a bigger phone as long it got the face ID Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Find my Friends iOS 12.2.6

    Have you tried to locate you son any other way? I was thinking about the App just last week and why my family never uses it? I go to “messenges” open the conversation with “my son” or who else I need to look for ( they have to share location with you ) click the little i ( info)on top right...
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    So I did it.... ATT thought I was crazy

    I love Face ID . I had so much trouble with the fingerprint. It’s super fast. I would like an even bigger screen. I can’t believe I said it but yes I need a little bigger screen. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    What is the fastest way to charge iPhone X in the Car?

    I have a hard time in jeep just to find a holder I like . WIth 2 phones the Pixel XL 2 and iphone I need 2 holders. I got this one since the 1st pixel and it works decent, My holder is seat bolted. I am waiting for a new holder from Pro Clip. The iphone x in the old holder and face ID is just...
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    Swapping Sims

    i bought an universal phone and just added the sim no problem . but I might get a new one later one just to make sure it is provisioned for the X
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    iPhone X first impressions

    I love the face ID it's fast and reliable for me. I got no issues it works even with my light sun glasses. Ok I have a hard time at night driving. I certainly had more issues using my finger print, The Uconnect in my jeep bluetoothed with the new phone STINKS. I keep getting a lot of...
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    IPhone X at Apple Stores

    well AT&T screwed up they did not release the # for upgrade by the time I had it all settled all phones were gone I am looking perhaps I catch still one . I saw one but I am to lazy to drive 30 miles into DC traffic it will take me 1 hour 1/2
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    IPhone X at Apple Stores

    It's for my son, I got mine. I will try tomorrow again.
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    IPhone X at Apple Stores

    i was to chicken to cancel the order and while I was debating what to do the phones were gone. I was told the next shipment is Tuesday. They only restock phones which did not get picked up. I guess I try in the morning again .
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    So you ordered an are you going to carry her?

    @Sharunda I got 2 more cases coming
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    iPhone X first impressions

    Wow what a nice surprise. Set up a breeze! It's fast, very fast. Face tracking amazingly speedy. I did not expect this level of perfection. Most changes are easy to get used to and intuitive. But then you get the last minute changes were they must have send the UX team on vacation? The "done"...
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    yeah love the set up feature too
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    X preorder thread

    that is good to know my kid is fighting me for the one in hand ....
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    X preorder thread

    got an e-mail my iphone is ready for pick up