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    iPhone 6s Smashed screen

    That's a nice saving, I wonder if there is a difference in the screens these guys typically use vs Apple's. Are you from the US OP? 299 for a screen sounds very expensive.
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    iPhone 8 fingerprint sensor on the back??

    What's the alternative, they build it into the screen? I hope you're right.
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    Why even have a MacBook?

    For personal use an iPad is fine but there is SO much you just can't do on one. Also the keyboard and trackpad is vastly superior for extended use.
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    App fails to download correctly on first try

    It is but I haven't noticed it slowing mine down. If the refund hasn't processed give it a go, there are many wasted hours waiting for you :D
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    iPhone 7 Iphone 7 drain issue

    This is really interesting, counter-intuitive on the surface the but the logic stacks up. Nice find.
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    App fails to download correctly on first try

    I've had this where I download an app on my iPhone and then it appears like that on my iPad. No idea what causes it. As far as GTA goes, it has to be San Andreas. I know that city better than I know my own at this point :D