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    iPhone 3G 3.0 OS - MMS problem

    Where did u get the carrier update?
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    iPhone 3G 3.0 OS - MMS problem

    does anyone have a link for the 5.0 carrier update?
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    coverflow question

    I broke my individual songs up into groups, like rock, hip hop and so on. From there I made them into my own albums and googled images that I wanted on the cover and presto… Problem solved.
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    Why No Today Screen?

    Con: You phone will eventually slow down as apps are installed. I had mine jailbroke for a while and it lag way too much for me.
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    help with unlocking iPhone

    i have a 3g iPhone and want to give my brother my first generation iPhone. he is with t-mobile, so i need to unlock it. i just updated the phone to the 2.2v update, but now when i connect it to iTunes it wants me to activate the iPhone. i have an old sim card in the iPhone and cant get past the...
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    iPhone coming 2morrow: Is it hackable?

    i have the iPhone ringtone maker and it works great. I have no other mods, and when I updated the iPhone all of my custom rintones where still there! :laugh2:
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    Ultra Smart 700 is an iPhone killer?

    Well for it to be considered an "iPhone killer", one would think that it needs to be avalible to the masses. If they are only over seas then less people will get it, hense it can't compete with the iPhone.
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    Ultra Smart 700 is an iPhone killer?

    I was looking at this phone (Samsung F700) before I got an iPhone. From what I've heard, it's not coming over to the US. Can't be much of a killer, if it's only avalible over seas.
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    Will i lose all of my data if i sync to a new computer

    I don't think you can loose your contacts from syncing your phone. However, you will loose music, photos, etc., if you sync to a different computer.
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    iPhoneRingToneMaker is here

    Last night I downloaded the trial version of the ring tone maker, and I worked great. I put 3 songs on it and they all sound good.
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    Alternative to iPhone

    Not sure if it's avalible where you are, but the Samsung F700, is a real nice phone.
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    iPhoneRingToneMaker is here

    If we already have the hack to get ringtones on our phones, why would we use this?
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    Playing music through iPhone speaker

    Yes, you are right. There is also an EQ in the settings for the IPod. You can select from a number of diff settings.