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    Apple iPhone factory insurance

    i was wondering, within a year if theres anytype of defect like screen freezing/dead pix, basically any defect, can we return it for a new one, or be fixed with no charge?
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    Screen Issues....

    0h and did you have to pay for those new phones?
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    Screen Issues....

    same thing has happen to my ph0ne :/ but its the botton half that's dead :*( oh and if i return it would they give me a new one or fix it free of charge, seeing how i did DO anything to it?
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    Is anyone elses YouTube quality sucks on their iPhone?

    Maybe it is me, but I have been really disappointed with the quality of YouTube videos. What's been your experience? Is it just me?
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    anyway i can change my number?

    its not that, its me, i cant stand the numbers i hate numbers that ends in 17 :/ it bugs the hell out of me, but thxs for the reply :D
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    anyway i can change my number?

    i really hate my number, its so hard to remember (not for me, for others) so is there n e way i can change it?
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    Activation problem please help

    long story so imma try and make it short, i bought a 4gb when it first came out, then dicided to return it for the 8gb which was a plus :D anyways now i cant activate it .... it keeps saying something about i needa enter my att number, which i don't have b/c i was never a member or had service...
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    post on your iPhone the location you are at right now

    my prays is with you!
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    post on your iPhone the location you are at right now

    damn that sounds interesting.. take a picture !
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    post on your iPhone the location you are at right now

    i wanna start a thread about where you are and what you are doing with your iPhone.... like if your in the mall eatting at the food court - take a picture and give us a small detail :D kinda like a picture diary :D
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    Any stars with the iPhone yet?

    i haven't seen or heard about any star with the iPhone yet, i mean its such a great phone...... being that it is, shouldnt the stars be raving about them right now?