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  • HIIII!!!!! : waves frantically:
    Hello -waves-
    He sent that to several people here! I know that Europa got a message from him as well.
    hey, so if you can't find it, I can probably get you Anthony Green's remix cd, I also have a bunch of random stuff that he did guest vocal on.
    I'm going to re-direct people here, you'll be talking about shoes next... maybe handbags.
    This had just turned into a 'girl' conversation!!
    Ohh Okay, I wasn't sure weather I could say the I word or not lol, Thanks for letting me know. His looks horrible and I don't even want to mess with it haha.
    im going to try to teach it to him. i cant promise he will retain any of it. careful with discussion on xxxxxxxxx. its illegal around here. the 5 row used in a good way i think looks really good. smaller the icons the better it looks. i like it with sauve or illumine. ill post a screen shot of my phone in that thread.
    Wow, at least you can teach your bf these things.. I jailbroke my husbands phone. . I told him to go to cydia the other day so I could figure out a source that I added to his phone and he had no idea what I was even talking about lol. He downloaded all of this silly stuff to his phone, He downloaded this electricity video background, the 5 row button thing, and Madden 2010. I have no prob with madden thats fine.. But now his iphone gives me a seizure just looking at it. All of his apps are crowded together.. and the small space that he does have between apps has lighting bolts flashing in the background.. I mean some people may like that stuff.. But geez i can't even look at the thing now. hahaha.
    that would be lovely wouldn't it? im actually incharge of both of our iphones. i taught him the simple things and hes happy with it. then krunk talked to him one day and told him all about other stuff and now hes like show me how? i looked at him like really? this is the same boyfriend i had to walk through over the phone how to update his mac....and thats the easiest thing ever you just hit ok! im going to teach him ssh this weekend.
    lol we don't live together. he does come to my house and clean though. i think i got the better end of the deal!

    those change as you post more. its like 50, 250, 500, and then 1000 (i could be wrong with the first two but i think i remember correctly). you get the thanks button after 25 posts.
    lol thats rough. good job to you for doing it! luckily my bf is a neat freak and he cleans everything before i get the chance to. youll love it around here. we have a lot of iphone traffic but we also have a lot of offtopic fun too. its a good group of people!
    theres a few of us...europa, macgirl, flwrgirl & connie....and thats all i can think of off the top of my head. lol its guy filled. its ok they a great bunch of guys! just watch out they get feisty with eachother sometimes.
    Hey welcome to the forums! Nice to see another girl around here. There are very few of us running around.
    Agreed. :) I already love this place teehee.
    haha, ranting at iPhone haters always brightens up the day! ;o)

    Hope you stick around, and look forward to getting to know you on the boards!
    Your more than welcome!
    Iphonewarrior and I are the UK guys here! lol
    haha okay. I have always wanted to go to the UK, I have never even been out of the united states. Hopefully I will be visiting Europe this summer though, that ought to be exciting. Have you been to the U.S?
    I don't think it matters lol. You can either write on here or in a personal message ;)

    I'm from the UK
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