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    "In-Line" Thread

    Gainesville Fl att store 8 people me #1 and in the news paper!
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    in line for iPhone!

    i am #1 at my gainesville fl att store! posting this from my laptop with a aircard! only like 20 hours! only 4 in my line! and a cop too:laugh2::laugh2:
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    anyone in line & online?

    <P># 1 in Gainesville&nbsp;, FL !</P>
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    Surprises Waiting for Everyone....

    "Ialmost got iPhone"
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    Surprises Waiting for Everyone....

    sounds like it
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    any news on how many

    thats what i heard also
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    any news on how many

    i heard 150 from my att store
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    4GB or 8GB?

    8GB scrape out the cash and get it the software in iPhone is close to a gig (700mb) so im getting a 8 gb
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    What version of os X?

    tiger 10.4!
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    iPhone for all!

    i watched a video on iPhone and a Apple rep said "roughly 150 iPhones per store" that would be sweet!
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    Do the math...

    Acually Steve Job's said they will have 3 million at launch. But, i totally agree with you! with 3 mill. for roughly 2000 stores and there should be at least 300-400 per store.:laugh2::2cool:
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    iPhone might be here?

    I woulnt mind to see it!
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    iPhone models color difference

    :laugh2:Look at this picture the speaker on the bottom is silver. now look at Job's iPhone the bottom is black could this be the diffrent models 4GB and the 8Gb being...