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    Help. Update deleted everything

    Luckily I had just backed it up before trying to install 6. I was worried that it wasn't going to let me restore from backup because it didn't give me the option, but once I went through a few steps it did. Thank you!
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    Help. Update deleted everything

    Woot, woot! I think I fixed it on my own. Awesome. No idea how to fix my sig, but I have a 4S and my 5 is in Kentucky waiting on it's release ;)
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    Help. Update deleted everything

    I went to update to iOS6 and I got an error and now it wants me to restore my phone but it's not giving me an option to restore from an update. It's just blank. I've tried googling it but there's a million random answers and who knows how old they are and if things have changed since then. Any...
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    When is the next Apple event?

    I've been wondering this too. Can't wait to find out, the anticipation is making me insane.
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    iPhone 5 price?

    My hubby can't wait for me to get the 5. He currently has my old 3gs which I'd dropped in the toilet when it was mine. The backlight blinks off sometimes, so he can't wait for me to give him my 4. But price- I think it'll be the same price as the 4 when it came out
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    Facebook stops pushing notifications sometimes?

    Mine's doing it sometimes too. Or it will show a notification but when I open the app there's nothing unless I refresh manually. Weird.
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    How is this possible?

    About 5 months ago, I dropped my 3gs in the toilet (I know). I hit one button when I pulled it out and that's the sleep button. I then pulled the sim out and googled it like a mad woman. I did the rice trick, left it alone completely for like 6 days. It worked- the only thing that didn't was the...
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    Are you going buy the white iPhone?

    I don't understand the thought process of buying a different phone because you can't get the iPhone in white. *shrugs* could just be me. I was being such a good little Apple fangirl and constantly defending them. Now I'm irritated that I have to settle for the black iPhone 4 but I can't wait...
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    The iPhone 4 Video Thread!

    That is just awesome!
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    I guess most people that wanted white caved ?

    I'm waiting, unless they come out and tell me the white won't be available until November or something. Then I'd have to cave and get the black because I don't want to wait that long.