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    Better alternative to the Belkin adapter

    Nope, thats from Apple. But they never sold it by itself. It came with the first gen iPod Shuffle Sport Case... I know because I have it. This guy must have got ahold of a bunch of those cases, took the adapter out and jacked the price up on Ebay when he discovered it fit the iPhone jack.
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    iPhone NOT COMPATIBLE with iHome Stereos

    Try not going into Airplane mode? I think thats what I selected. I still want to receive calls and when in Airplane mode, you can't because the phone is turned off.
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    iPhone NOT COMPATIBLE with iHome Stereos

    Not correct. I have that same model, and it works fine. Yes you get that message but when it goes away the music plays just fine through the iHome. And of course it charges the iPhone as well. Even the Apple iPhone dock adapters work in it.