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    iTunes 7.3

    34 meg download, can't comment on speed as my connection here is slowwwww.
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    iTunes 7.3

    From infoPlist.strings in 7.3: /* Localized versions of Info.plist keys */ CFBundleName = "iTunes"; ... "Ringtone" = "Ringtone";
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    Will you let others fondle your iPhone?

    It depends on who it is. Say I am sitting at the poker table shortly after returning from picking up my brand new iPhone and Erica Schoenberg asks if she can try it... do you really think I would say no?
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    Full Tilt Poker on the iPhone

    Damn, I hope this is true. I have my doubts, though.
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    I don't actually live in Vegas, just in for the World Series of Poker. I'm at the Rio through mid-July.
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    Anyone in Vegas planning to camp?