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    Age, Occupation, Income Poll

    27, police detective
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    iPhoto & iPhone Syc not working

    Tried that, but it wouldn't delete them from the camera until I downloaded them all (allowing duplicates). So now I have to delete them from iPhoto since there are two of each pic. Not desirable, but I guess it's easier than deleting them individually off the phone.
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    iPhoto & iPhone Syc not working

    I just experienced the same thing after returning from a three week trip to Europe. I came home, updated to the latest iTunes software and synced the phone. I had 500 new photos in my camera roll, but iPhoto didn't recognize the iPhone during the sync and didn't ask to upload the photos. I...
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    Roaming Cost to London- My Experience

    I'm in France right now, one week into a 2.5 week vacation that includes France, Switzerland, and Italy. Before I left, I did opt for the international calling plan. Even with conservative phone use intended, I knew I'd use it enough to make it worthwhile. So far that has proven correct. Too...
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    Steve Jobs Open Letter: Issues $100 "Store Credit" for Early Adopters

    I realize this letter is intended for early adopters and "details are being worked out", but the wording in his letter addresses every iPhone buyer from AT&T or Apple. That sounds like there could be a rebate or deal even for buyers of the iPhone at the new price. Hmmmm....
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    Data Plan Charges $1,500 !

    I agree it sucks AT&T hasn't published a warning about high data charges, but if it's in their paperwork somewhere, it usually falls on the consumer. Fortunately for me, I read an article about the guy who went to England for a couple weeks and came back to a $3000 bill due to data use. A...
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    What was your last phone before the iPhone?

    Nextel i90c. Old school, thick phone that I hated to have in my pocket, but hey, the volume was loud enough!
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    iPhone froze...

    I agree with you to a point, but isn't this the reason we have an Apple product? My home computer (20" iMac) has been much better than any PC I've worked with in terms of reliability and stability. It's part of the reason I converted to Mac back in college, aside from the ease of use with the...
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    iPhone freezing

    Mine has this freezing problem from time to time. I'll usually experience a freeze or glitch once or twice a day, sometimes more. This is usually in the form of a delay waking from sleep, a random return to the home screen when in an application, a lack of response to touching icons, or a random...
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    Love the iPhone hate AT&T

    Had Nextel, liked it until they merged with Sprint, then service wasn't so great. Had Cingular before Nextel - so many dropped calls, I paid to get out of that contract and swore I'd never go back. Then the iPhone comes out and, well, you get the idea. I'd have to say the "new" AT&T is better...
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    Strange glitch when deleting events in Calendar

    Well, since I just noticed the new update, I think I'll give that a shot and see if it fixed this little glitch. If not, it's a full restore, then back to the Apple store for a new phone... thanks for the advice btw.
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    Strange glitch when deleting events in Calendar

    Bump... can anyone test this on their phone to see if their Calendar app does the same thing?
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    Can Apple make a 4GB an 8GB?

    You might take somewhat of a loss on it, but you could sell your 4gb (craigslist, ebay, etc) and just go buy an 8gb. That would probably be the easiest way, and your new 8gb would be warrantied.
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    anyone sholder hold there iPhone?

    I shoulder hold it all the time... not a big deal. I should mention I have the iSkin Revo case on it, so it's much grippier than the naked case by itself. Get a case that has some grip and it's very useable on a daily basis.
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    Strange glitch when deleting events in Calendar

    Bump... it's still doing it. Even after a shutdown/restart and the hard reset, it won't delete events in the Month view of the Calendar application properly. It always deletes an event that wasn't selected. Weird. Anyway, I'm also experiencing more glitches that aren't being cured by a hard...