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    AT&T saying they are not bumping contracts

    Every time i have ever called about an early upgrade, i get shot down but they always offer an early upgrade to an iPhone.
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    SIMultaneous voice and data not supported on Verizon

    Bummer. I am with ATT and i use the talk/surf functionality of the network almost daily. Im an IT guy @ citi. I can talk/walk someone through an issue wjile checking my emails and keeping on top of them so my desktop isn't slammed.
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    Android users secretly want iPhone 5

    I am pretty sure he meant design/specs as a whole.
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    Android users secretly want iPhone 5

    No problem. P.S. I am not secretly wanting the iPhone5...everyone knows I want one haha! Actually, I didn't want to wait and I do like hacking away with Android. Having said that, if I am impressed with the IP5, I will pick one up. From what I am seeing/hearing it will not be a redesign...
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    Android users secretly want iPhone 5

    Try Alien #4. I am presently using that, along with an over-clocked kernel (1.3 GHz). Phone is stable and fast while managing over 24 hours of battery. CM7, is almost out of Pre-beta stages. Just tried it last night. Seems pretty darn stable and fast as well. I recovered back to Alien...
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    Android users secretly want iPhone 5

    I noticed you said you have an Atrix and tried some custom roms and such. Which ones did you try?
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    Sources: iPhone 5 Completely Redesigned

    I am more then ready for an upgrade. I am still using a 3G...well was. I broke the screen. I sourced a new screen, installed it, but now the phone doesn't boot up. I was forced to use my trusty SLVR until the 5 comes out.
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    I work in the IT dept at Citi DE! 6 year now, still love it!
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    How hard is it to wait for the White One?

    I am patiently waiting. I think they will have the glitches worked out by then.
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    Help! Dropped my iPhone in the toilet

    I've dropped two iPhones into water. First one was a 1st gen. Dropped it while texting and peeing. I was drunk but we won't get into that. Anyway, dropped it in, continued peeing, then flushed. Grabbed it and rinsed it off. Remembered a friend said rubbing alcohol. Submerged it in a bowl...
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    Win the iPhone 4

    Surf fishing FTW! Would of been nice to have a video of me getting my big arse truck stuck :o(