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    Unknown Error (1)! HELP PLEASE!

    use iBricker and click the downgrade button to put the phone fully in DFU mode. Close ibrikr and try again in iTunes....worked for me after hours of trying different packages.
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    Help Downgrading from 1.1.2 PLEASE! Unknown Error (5)

    Thanks a lot guys. I actually posted this at work yesterday and forgot about it til this morning. I figured it out last night. Did you know that if you get a new sim card from ATT you have to reactiate your phone? extending your contract. Complete BS. My phone had died so I put y chip in...
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    Help Downgrading from 1.1.2 PLEASE! Unknown Error (5)

    Long story short, I told someone I'd unlock her iPhone for her (no charge), and I've followed every step exactly. While attempting to downgrade from 1.1.2 to 1.0.2 I keep getting this error: "The iPhone "iPhone" could not be restored. Unknown Error (5)" i have tried 2 different copies of...
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    FAQs for new iPhone users (1st gen)

    I know you asked not to respond any further, but I just had to point out a couple blatent discrepancies in the info you gave. 1st: "Auto-Brightness" in no way saves battery life. This feature uses your set brightness as default, and increases when in sunlight for better viewing. Otherwise it...
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    iPhone lawsuit seeks over $1 billion in damages

    The thing is, we didn't get a discount on our phones. Almost no one did. So why should they go through such extremes just to keep our devices locked? It doesn't even make sense as "simple businesss". Between the money theyre spending on Software Engineer teams, and the customers they are losing...
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    keypad volume...quick question....

    haha no problem dude. glad i could help...
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    keypad volume...quick question....

    those don't make noise regardless
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    keypad volume...quick question....

    ATT considers that an add on, I don't think consider it an actual plan change. I think I added it like 2 months after I got my contract.
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    keypad volume...quick question....

    All I can say is for you to double check the settings... Nights start at 9pm, and end at 6am You should go with the 7-7-7 plan though. Nights start at 7pm, end at 7am, all for $7.
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    NEW iPhone

    Lmao...thanked you for that laugh. haha
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    Just bought Belikin Auto Kit for iPod

    the only reason this warning is displayed is because most speakers are not shielded against the radio waves emitted from a phone. Therefor the iPhone suggests that the radio be turned off as to avoid that annoying buzzing noise that comes naturally with these unshielded speakers.
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    HUGE iPhone Purchase at Apple Store Last Night

    Well, it could just be a super high class corporation. Then again....maybe the dude just has a big family ?
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    Post your iPhone V1 and 3G pics!

    I was just wondering if that bus is looking to hire ;)
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    HUGE iPhone Purchase at Apple Store Last Night

    Many businessses believe that in order to portray the most professional image, is to have their employees looking as clean, and up-to-date as possible. This is the reason so many companies spend millions of dollars to have their employees driving luxury cars. The last thing a major corporation...
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    videora converter

    I guess its just a crazy coincidence that I got it every time I downloaded it, as I downloaded it, and only when I downloaded it. I could copy the locations if thatd mean anything to you.