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    Reverse Syncing iPhone Data, Pictures & Contacts onto iTunes

    so I kinda gave up on trying to reverse sync. and i got a USB drive 2gb. and i put some music in there from iTunes. and now when im trying to put it in my laptop.. the music wont permanently stay on the laptop... it needs the usb in the laptop to actually play.. does anyone know how i can...
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    Reverse Syncing iPhone Data, Pictures & Contacts onto iTunes

    Hmm Its actually making me restore my phone before i can do anything...
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    Reverse Syncing iPhone Data, Pictures & Contacts onto iTunes

    So Just recently I got a new laptop. And I want to change my main iPhone base to this laptop instead of my computer. Does anyone know of anyway how to reverse sync my pictures, contacts and music[NOT BOUGHT OFF iTunes] back onto the iTunes on my laptop, without restoring it and loosing all...
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    Skinning an iPhone

    hmm.. then what am i doing wrong? i downloaded the skin i wanted and put all the icon files in phonedmg then i dragged the calculators icon and put it in phonedmg then did the whole iPhone interface stuff but it still says fileref:0 ...
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    Skinning an iPhone

    So... Ive gone through about every step into customizing my skin for my iPhone.. but im pretty much stuck at this step.. so ive downloaded the skin i want.. and this downloaded skin is set up in which theres folders of each home screen icon, for example a folder named calculator then i...
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    reverse sync and restore old data to an iPhone

    for windows? not mac.
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    reverse sync and restore old data to an iPhone

    soooo i just got a new laptop. and all my iPhone data is in my computer. is there a way to reverse sync all the stuff in my iPhone to my laptop like you can with an ipod? it succccccks caaause i just lost everything on my iPhone from plugging it in. is there a way to get all my stuff back?
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    reverse sync an iPhone

    HOW? :[[[[[[[ i just got a new laptop andddddd i want stuff on my iPhone on there.
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    keeping iTunes library on new computer

    so I'm getting a new computer today.. And I want to know the easiest way to keep my 700 some songs on it from my old computer., Cause I want to use this computer for my phone but then im going to loose all my other stuff.
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    What is the average age of people that have an iPhone?

    14 turning 15 soon. Got mine cause of straight a's freshman year. my best friend has one too. We both have 8g and parents pay for the bill. I love it to death. And the only thing I don't use is stocks.. O.o And I have the custom buttons on my home. Honestly i don't think im too young. As...
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    Don't trust those "protective" cases...

    any problems with the speck skin tight cases?7
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    Anyone else have this problem/light bleed on screen?

    mine has it too but it not as noticeable
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    email same as texting?

    so I noticed at the bottom of the mssg i sent to my friends phone via email says "this mobile text message is brought to you by AT&T" Are you still sure it won't charge me for over texting?
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    email same as texting?

    So basically when I run out of text mssgs I can just use that and theres no charge? Yay i can send pictures now too