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    T-mobile nanoSIM card works perfectly in both gen AT&T iPad minis!

    I've installed onavo extend on my iPad...really extends that 200mb.
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    Upgrade eligibility question?

    Hello everyone, So not sure if anyone has any ideas/suggestions/similar circumstance. I received the iPhone 4 in June 2010 and had the following rate plan: 1000 texts, unlimited data, 450 minutes. I also had a FAN discount of 15%--this made my bill approximately $75/month. My upgrade...
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    Verizon iPhone can't turn off 3G?

    Verizon does have an EDGE equivalent. You are always connected to it--it is 1xRTT. It is the voice/text network and data does work over it. You cannot manually switch to it, but you can see it pop up every once in a while when the 3G symbol goes away and a "o" appears in its place.
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    randomly vibrating

    I've noticed that in the last 2 or 3 weeks my iPhone 4 just vibrates randomly while in vibrate mode. I am not getting a text/e-mail/notification of any type. Is there any fix to this as its rather annoying.
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    Will you be able to buy CDMA factory unlocked iPhone?

    what do you plan on doing with an unlocked cdma iPhone?
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    Verizon unlimited data - truly unlimited?

    do not be surprised in the least if they come up with a 2gig plan for the iPhone. Something fishy is going on--they explicitly state that data packages and pricing will follow soon. Why not just offer up the current crop if you weren't planning on changing anything? Regardless...I'd be...
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    audio video sync messed up

    i take it back. all the audio/video sync is slow by a second on my ipad and my iPhone 4. it looks like it goes out of sync as the movie plays and settles in at about the audio being 1 second fast. this is not a problem when i play the movie through iTunes on my macbook.
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    audio video sync messed up

    I ripped a couple of DVDs in .mp4 format to my harddrive to put onto my ipad. ive been successful on 2 of them but on the 3rd the audio is a solid second or so ahead of the video. I've reripped/deleted form ipad/resynced/etc. etc. Is there any sort of setting in iTunes I can use to fix this...
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    AT&T 3G speed is really fast lately.
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    redownloading iTunes songs bought on iPhone

    I wrote an email to iTunes support. Got an email back about 3 hours later with direction on how to redownload album. pleased. thanks everyone
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    redownloading iTunes songs bought on iPhone

    So my I had purchased an album on my phone this morning. This same morning I had a problem with my phone and on my lunch break I stopped by the Apple store. They replaced the phone but I had forgotten I had purchased the album... Needless to say I no longer have the album. Is there a way to...
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    Issues with the sleep/wake button and home button

    This happened to me today. 1 second it worked, the next second it was like the contact pad underneath the sleep/wake button had broken. Brought it to the Apple store, they replaced it in about 5 minutes. Best part is they said "its not a part we can repair" so don't worry about them going...
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    iPhone and 4g

    its not a 4g phone.
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    How AT&T stole 500mb of data from me and how it can happen to you

    @macgirl Of course it is in writing. I get 2gb of data for my billing cycle. What if you had an old plan with 450 minutes and no rollover minutes. on day 25 you have used 200 total minutes. On day 26-30 you have used 250 minutes (long conversation with a family member). But they didn't...
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    How AT&T stole 500mb of data from me and how it can happen to you

    If, like me, you have the 2gb data plan and you use most of it during the month, take note. I had an earlier post stating how my data usage was abnormally high this month after calling AT&T I now know why. Data is usually recorded within 24 hours of use, but it can take up to 7 days for it to...