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    iPhone fell in water please help

    dishonesty is the risk The genius won't notice the loosened tech when it gets back to home base....? That's another story. with the water sensors replaced, they won't catch it until later. Hopefully you will be clear by then. I doubt they would pursue it. Good luck.
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    iPhone 3G Diarrhea

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    Maps app keeps crashing at start!

    depends May not be a good idea if the backup contains the settings that have been manipulated and just brings back the problem. It happens.
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    Maps app keeps crashing at start!

    Hopefully you backed up your phone before messing around. If not, do so next time. It'll enable you to erase little mistakes like this. Restore it and you should be fine. Be careful what you play with.
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    iPhone fell in water please help

    If you unscrewed it you voided your warranty. Just so you know. The rice thing is often effective. Good luck.
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    Battery Life On First Gen iPhone

    Good input on this thread I am really impressed with the input here. This is what we (iPhone techs) would tell you to do and advise you to set up your phone so as to optimize battery life. It saves you guys time on the phone talking to us. Makes my job a bit boring though. Wanted to make...
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    What I Think happened...

    kids these days It is kinda fast. Just saying'.
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    Anyone else who still uses the V1 decide the 3GS isn't worth upgrading to?

    Probably get in trouble somewhere with this one. Firstly, I am an Apple iPhone tech support agent. That being said, I have an 8G silverback. I had a fun New Years including denting the steel around my Sleep/Wake button. No longer able to try a forced reset, screen saver is off, have to jack...
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    previously loaded music on iPhone

    Any songs not bought through iTunes will be lost if you try to sync. The way to keep those not purchased would be to back them with a cd. Don't think you can if not in your iTunes though. All those purchased you can go to file > download purchased......
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    previously loaded music on iPhone

    You can bring over any that were purchased by iTunes > File > Transfer Purchases from iPhone with the iPhone plugged in to your computer.